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  • Marine XO – Bespoke wooden Chinese sailing craft

    MARINEXO custom builds any size and style of wooden Chinese sailing craft in a pioneering collaboration between fourth generation Chinese shipwrights and a western expert in Chinese maritime history and nautical construction.

    Professional CAD design, hand tools and modern machinery produce fine ocean-going vessels, smaller water craft and scale models, following a historically authentic, time-honoured hull and sail plan.

    Hull construction is of selected top grade timbers. Modern materials are used for sails, rigging and navigation equipment. The interior fit-out combines the best of China and the West. Eco-friendly electric auxiliary propulsion is standard.

    Delivery options include inexpensive worldwide container shipment for vessels up to 11 metres. Larger craft can be delivered by arrangement.

    MARINEXO provides a perfect combination of Chinese intangible cultural heritage and western marine requirements.

    海之悠久– 专业定制中式木帆船.